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Willow Wood Property Management values transparency in all aspects of its services, including fees, performance, and information sharing. We recognize the importance of consistent communication, easy access to information, and using available resources to achieve optimal outcomes. 

As your one-stop solution for asset management, Willow Wood Property Management reduces risk by promptly addressing maintenance issues, staying current on relevant laws, and finding qualified residents. With our expertise, we can save you time, energy, money, and the daily headaches of managing your investments.

Every thought is worth a conversation; fill out our Owner Consultation Request Form to schedule a call.

Full Service Property Management


+ Address rent-ready issues

+ Rental market analysis

+ Set rental price

+ Place "For Rent" signs on property

+ Install lockboxes for showings

+ Develop marketing description

+ Pro marketing pics

+ Advertise property on 22+ sites

+ Advertise property offline 

+ Advertise on social media

+ Run online marketing ad campaigns

+ Send weekly emails to prospects

+ Send weekly SMS to prospects

+ Weekly leasing report to owner

+ Coordinate showings

+ Weekly sign & flyer checks

+ Online Resident Application

+ Resident & Pet Screening

+ Collect security deposit

+ Prepare and execute lease 

+ Utility Management

+ Schedule and manage move-in

+ Transfer keys to new resident

Resident Management

+ Lease enforcement

+ Hold security deposit in escrow account

+ Manage lockouts

+ Address unauthorized pets & occupants

+ Follow up on neighbor complaints

+ Follow up on HOA complaints

+ Mailing certified letters as necessary

+ Resident notices for lease violations

+ Resident notices for eviction

+ Address resident complaints

+ Maintain multiple rent payment options

+ Resident online portal

+ Maintain resident ledgers

+ Rent collections

+ Address bounced rent payments

+ Schedule and file evictions

+ Arrange and meet sheriff at set-out

+ Monitor for property abandonment

+ Negotiate lease renewals or extensions

+ Move-out procedures

+ Inspections

+ Security deposit distribution process

+ Oversee turnover repairs

Property & Finances

24/7 online maintenance portal

+ Maintain vendor list 

+ Monitor vendor insurance compliance

+ Manage emergency issues

+ Maintain emergency procedures

+ Oversee bill-pay system

+ Assign work orders

+ Issue invoices 

+ Maintain keys and other pertain access

+ Report maintenance performed to owner

+ Manage regular property visits 

+ Manage lawn care

+ Manage habitability issues

+ Utility and service provider bill-pay

+ Monthly transactional audit

+ Monthly owner statement package

+ Year-end 1099 tax reporting

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