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  • What services are provided?
    We are a full-service property management company, including services such as marketing, resident screening and placement, rent collection, maintenance and turnovers, evictions, and financial reporting. At this time, capital improvements and rehab projects are considered on a case by case basis to ensure we have the resources to dedicate to each unique project's needs.
  • What are your property management fees?
    We offer competitive management fee packages for your selection based on your business needs. Visit our owner page to explore our packages.
  • What reports do you provide?
    The basic monthly reports we provide are: leasing, rent roll, delinquency, owner cash statement, and income statement. Additional reports may be available upon request.
  • When will I receive my owner distributions?
    Owner distributions are prepared and released on or before the 15th of each month. Why the 15th? Residents have a grace period to remit payment for rent until the 5th of each month. Most receivables will clear the bank within 5 to 7 business days. A distribution date of the 15th allows us to ensure all possible receivables for the month are collected and cleared before distribution.
  • How much do you charge for maintenance?
    Willow Wood Property Management utilizes independent third-party vendors that will bill for their services. Willow Wood Property Management does not charge any additional service fees for general maintenance and turnover management as this is included in the standard property management package. Capital improvement projects, rehabs, or extensive repairs that are above and beyond normal turnover are considered on a case by case basis and may accompany an oversight fee of 10%.
  • How do you screen for applicants?
    Willow Wood Property Management utilizes AppFolio's tenant screening services. Appfolio provides us with robust screening reports, including: credit, criminal history, eviction history, and assists with income and rental history verification.
  • What is your minimum applicant criteria?
    All applicants 18+ years of age are required to apply. Household income must be 3x the amount of rent in income; and no eviction actions or felony convictions within the last 5 years. Must have good verifiable rental history, or have an approved cosigner. Cosigners may also be required in additional instances, for example, when credit history may be unfavorable.
  • Can I do my own maintenance?
    We accommodate owners who prefer to manage their own maintenance, turnovers, rehabs, and other similar projects. We request that the owner (or chosen agent) maintains open communication with Management, so we are apprised of progress. Additionally, it's understood we will be completely hands-off in regards to the day-to-day activities regarding maintenance, turns, rehabs, etc. including, but not limited to: scheduling maintenance, corresponding with the resident regarding maintenance, coordinating with residents, following up on maintenance requests with the resident or vendors utilized. The management fee will not be reduced.
  • How long does the process take to get my home on the market?
    Each property and rental market is unique. Additionally, timing will depend on the condition of the property and the care necessary to make it rent-ready. Willow Wood Property Management understands that time is of the essence and ensures timely marketing of rent-ready units within 24-48 business hours of turnover completion.
  • How much should my home rent for?
    Each property and rental market is unique. We analyze similar properties and markets to ensure the best rate.
  • How will potential residents tour my property?
    Willow Wood Property Management utilizes a self-showing service and offers in-person showings on an as needed basis. Prior to any self-showing, we verify the identity of the prospect by collecting a government issued ID with photo identification.
  • Who holds the security deposit?
    The security deposit is held by the property management company in an escrow account, until the tenant moves out. At which point, a move out disposition is prepared and the security deposit is appropriately allocated to damages, outstanding charges, and/or returned to the resident. If the security deposit was previously held by the owner or another property management company, the security deposit should be forwarded to Willow Wood Property Management within 5 business days of management handover. Or, we can withhold the security deposit amount from the monthly owner distributions until the security deposit escrow is held in full.
  • How will you bill me?
    Willow Wood Property Management will collect and report all income and expenses via the monthly owner cash statement. We will bill against the collected income and otherwise, as agreed in your property management agreement. Any net funds at the time of the monthly distribution will be forwarded onto you, the owner, minus the agreed property reserve.
  • What do I do about utilities?
    Please keep your utilities on while we are showing the property. Keeping utilities on will also be incredibly important during the cold season and for property preparations for the next resident. We'll handle the transition of the utility billing to the resident, as applicable. You won't have to pay utilities with a resident is in place, unless agreed otherwise; you'll only be responsible for your mortgage, taxes, insurance, and any HOA dues.
  • What if the tenant doesn’t pay rent?
    Willow Wood Property Management utilities a systematic and consistent plan to collect rent, and if applicable, file an eviction. We will serve the required legal notices and begin the eviction process on a resident who has not paid rent. Inquire about our Eviction Shield Plan, which gives you the confidence in us to place an eligible and quality resident and ensures you don't have to pay for a costly eviction if we need to remove a bad resident.
  • What is your Eviction Shield Plan?
    At an additional cost, you can enroll in our monthly Eviction Shield Plan. Evictions can happen to any landlord no matter how well the resident(s) have been vetted. Things happen - roommates have disagreements, residents lose jobs, file bankruptcy, go through a divorce, have a serious injury, etc. Evictions could also occur for other reasons, such as lease violations, such as for criminal behavior. Paying for these expenses out of pocket can exceed $1,000 per occurrence. At Willow Wood Property Management, we understand the frustration that evictions pose and want to reduce the impact that they pose. The program covers the typical eviction costs, such as filing fees, court costs, attorney fees, and Sheriff fees. The program does not cover any loss of rental income, property damages, lock rekeying, bankruptcy hearings, or legal appeals by the resident. Coverage is up to a maximum of $1,500 per occurrence. The fee for this program is $12.99 per month per unit and covers any resident placed in the unit by Willow Wood Property Management. Coverage is void should management be terminated.
  • How much should I budget for maintenance?
    The set budget will be dependent mainly on the age of the property and existing deferred maintenance; however, generally a budget of one (1) to three (3) percent of the value of the home is to be anticipated annually.
  • What if something breaks or needs to be repaired?
    Willow Wood Property Management will collect any necessary information from the resident and provide that information to a professional vendor for remedy. If that remedy is quoted within the agreed maintenance limit, Willow Wood Property Management will utilize best judgement on cost and approval. If the remedy is above the maintenance limit and not an emergency, Willow Wood Property Management will reach out to you, the owner, for approval of cost to remedy. Should the issue pose a safety concern or be considered an emergency, Willow Wood Property Management will take immediate actions to remedy and notify you, the owner, as soon as possible to keep you apprised. Willow Wood Property Management will also evaluate all repairs for above normal wear and tear, or intentional resident damage. If it is found that the resident is responsible for damage, Willow Wood Property Management will charge the resident appropriately and collect for reimbursement of the expense.
  • How do I apply?
    Find a property of interest and click the "Apply Now" button.
  • What are the application fees?
    The application fee is $75 per applicant.
  • Who is required to apply?
    Anyone 18+ years of age is required to apply.
  • How old do I have to be to apply?
    In order to be the only one on the lease, you must be 18+ years of age. Otherwise, anyone under 18 will be considered only an occupant of the property.
  • What is your minimum criteria for residency?
    All applicants 18+ years of age are required to apply. Household income must be 3x the amount of rent in income; and no eviction actions or felony convictions within the last 5 years. Must have good verifiable rental history, or have an approved cosigner. Cosigners may also be required in additional instances, for example, when credit history may be unfavorable. Please verify with your leasing specialist if you are required to have a cosigner.
  • Who requires a cosigner?
    Cosigners may be required, if for example, the applicant(s) has poor credit history, does not meet the income requirements for the property, or does not have good verifiable rental history. There may also be additional instances when a cosigner is required. Check with your leasing specialist to verify if you require a cosigner.
  • What is your pet policy?
    Each available property may have its own pet policy. Please check for acceptance on the individual property's marketing description. If a pet is accepted for a particular residence, additional documentation is required during the application process. Minimum documentation required is a recent photo. Pet fee and pet rent may apply. As always, reasonable accommodations are made for those with ESA and service animals. Additional documentation may be required in these instances.
  • Are utilities included?
    Each available property will indicate what utilities, if any, are included. You will want to review the property's marketing description for this information. Typical utilities that residents are responsible for are: electric, gas, water/sewer, and trash.
  • What charges should I expect before move-in?
    Before move-in you are expected to have paid any required security deposits, 1st month's rent, utility fee (if applicable), pet rent (if applicable), pet fees (if applicable), landlord-to-liability insurance (if applicable), and administrative fees (if applicable).
  • How long is a standard leasing term?
    A standard lease term is typically 12 months.
  • Do you offer short-term or long-term leases?
    Short and long-term leases may be available. Check with the leasing specialist for additional lease options not noted in the property's marketing description.
  • Do you accept Section 8?
    If a property accepts Section 8 or other subsidized housing, the property's marketing description will notate this information.
  • Is the deposit refundable?
    If you have paid a security deposit, then yes, it is refundable either in full or part. You may receive a partial refund if your security deposit, if for example, there are unpaid charges at move-out or billable damages. If you have made a move-in fee, this is not refundable. Security deposits become liquidated damages, if you fail to move-in, change your mind, break the lease, and possibly under similar circumstances. The application and/or lease will detail this information.
  • How do I tour an available property?
    Willow Wood Property Management utilizes a self-showing service and offers in-person showings on an as needed basis. Prior to any self-showing, we will verify your identity by collecting a government issued ID with photo identification.





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